The popular ones include books that are simple yet interesting, containing many pictures and fun pages. Activities that include join-the-dots, simple crossword puzzles and mazes are also popular among children. All these help children to work their minds and at the same time allow them to be occupied in an exciting way. Many preschool children are attracted to the cover page of the books before they even turn the first page to look inside. Needless to say, books with rich colors, cartoons and bold words will surely attract any child.

Books on testing IQ are also popular among children who like to try something more challenging. Something parents need to keep in mind is that different children may be attracted to different types of books. Animal books are so far the most sought after, since they provide insight into the animal kingdom and at the same time bring the family together.

My preschoolers are home simple love the books that come with attractive stickers attached in the centre pages. This gives them the thrill of learning and adding the fun element to it all as well. Coloring books are another category of books that has for many years been childrens’ favorite. Bumper coloring books are the best to buy for children who can spend lots of time coloring away.

You can ask any child what their favorite cartoon character is and most likely the child will have in his or her possession, books with the particular cartoon character as the theme! These books may cost a little more than the non-themed books but kids enjoy learning and are thrilled at the images of their favorite hero.